Adult Behavioral Health

Empowerment/Peer Supports


Me Time offers a one to one recovery oriented and person centered approach where we focus on strengths, not weaknesses.  We help you identify and choose your desired goals in every area of your life - mind, body and spirit.


Me Time is committed to helping you build self-help skills that teach you how to be actively engaged in your own self-care of health and self-management of symptoms.  We assist you in learning about community support networks and resources that will enhance your total well-being.


Me Time believes relationships are important to one's physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.  Whether its going to a sporting event, visiting your favorite barber shop or salon, hanging out at your favorite coffeehouse or volunteering your time to help others, Me Time is committed to helping you build healthy community relationships. 

  • Identify and achieve goals

  • Learn effective coping and self-help strategies

  • Connect to community resources and supports

  • Get support during a crisis

  • Participate in the community

  • Share live experiences

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