Meet Me

I’m Linda Harrell-Davis. I am a NYS certified peer coach, a licensed massage therapist and business owner, a handmade artisan and lover of all things peace. I love peaceful vibes. I love the sound of nothing. I love simplicity. I love listening to chill music in candlelit spaces with scents that evoke happy memories. I love massages, sipping tea, pampering myself with aromatic baths and showers, and I love being ME. That’s how I self-care and create peace intentionally for ME. 


In 2005, my love for all things peace led me to become a massage therapist. While in massage school, I learned about essential oils and I was intrigued by the impact they have on your well-being. I researched and experimented with plant-based oils, natural butters, and waxes. Then I began creating products for my clients, family, and friends. I developed a  love affair with crafting. I love the peaceful energy I feel when I create - I pour that same energy into every product I make and everyone I touch so that YOU can create your peace... intentionally.